Android Update Delays Explained

androidpit-nexus-4-bootloaderSmartphones can be so neat because new features come out constantly.  Unfortunately, sometimes we are stuck waiting for system updates to get those features on our current phones.  Why does it take so long for them to get to us?  The site Android Pit has published a very good article lending some sense to the delays.

Basically, the Android change which starts at Google has to go to the phone manufacturer to be updated for your device and then to your cellular carrier for their updates to make sure it functions properly on their network.  All three of those parties have programers trying to make new stuff that they can get paid for, so you can imagine that your year old phone will take a back seat to writing new things for new devices they want to get paid for.  Your device will bring no new money to them, so guess who gets thrown on the back burner.

Before you get too dejected, some new features really don’t work that well on older phones.  Sometimes enabling the cool new feature or compatibility drives your performance, stability, or battery life down the tubes.  So be careful what you wish for.  Choose your updates wisely, both the software, and when you might want to replace the device.


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