My name is Kevin Driscoll and I help small organizations around Pittsburgh conquer IT tasks with simple, affordable methods.  Whether you are a fledgling non-profit, family business, or just a business unsure of a pressing IT decision, reach out and let’s see if I can’t help improve your situation.  I find that most IT issues can be resolved or improved simply by better design and choices, not expensive upgrades.  The internet brings lots of free tools and answers if you know where to find them.

From my first floppy disk in the mid-80’s to the Android tablet that I do much of my work on now, I’ve found ways to use computers to solve problems without having them dictate my regiment or control my spending.  “The cloud” allows so much mobility, remote access, and 24/7 accessibility that small businesses and non-profits need to tap into for both logistics and economic reasons.  While I have preferred vendors and systems, cloud data helps make those mute issues and focus on information flow, not logos and brands.  Open source solutions embrace the knowledge of the larger community and avoid not just reinventing the wheel of managing information, but also being trapped by proprietary solutions that dictate future options.

Drop me a line, and lets talk about your IT dilemmas and hopes!

Rather check some more info online?  Try these:

  • Check out the search and tag cloud to the right if you’d rather see some of my ideas and whether they are in line with your needs.
  • Check out my LinkedIn profile
  • My About.Me page has lots of general interest info

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