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Home Wifi Help Through Your Power Lines

header-xwnb5201-hero-photo-largeNot every home is ideal for wifi.  Many need multiple access points due to size, bad location of the cable modem, etc.  Netgear has a simple system that is very easy to install that can use your electric outlets to extend where a second wifi access point can be.  This prevents you from needing to install network wiring and the mess and expertise involved with traditional wired ethernet networks.

I don’t like range extenders as much because they have to create an additional named wifi network to function and their range is limited because they still have to be within good range of the original wifi, thus reducing the distance that they can actually extend the original network.  The Netgear XWNB5201 kit uses the power lines in your home to connect to the router as opposed to being dependent on the weak wifi that you are trying to extend.  Not all home electrical systems in homes work well with this kit, so your results may vary.  Netgear does include a simple utility that helps configure the adapters as well as reveal the speed it is able to attain as you have them connected.  For about $80 it’s not a bad way to get better internet access throughout your home without getting your hands dirty.

For a more complete review, please follow this link.  To purchase or see more details, this Amazon link should help.


Take Your WiFi Network With You


Here’s a cool little gadget I saw on Amazon for under $40.  It can be a WiFi range extender for home or a way to take your WiFi network convenience to other places.  You can plug into the wired ethernet at a relative’s house, a hotel, or wherever you’re going that has a router you can plug into.  It will even serve as a wired connection for a device without wifi where wifi is the only connection (wireless bridge).  The more I looked at it, the more I saw that it could do.  It will share a USB printer or hard drive.  It can plug into the wall or get its power from your USB.  The Netgear Trek N300 is the swiss army knife of wifi network sharing:

Netgear Trek N300 is a Portable Personal Wi-Fi Router.

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