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I Want My Business to Show Up in a Google Search

This entry is about the very simplest of steps to help your website be found on the internet. Here are four simple steps that cost nothing except time and know-how:

  1. Your website should have text content that is naturally found by search-bots. Make sure titles and main content is text (not graphics or flash). Think of the phrases that you can envision typing in Google (or any search engine for that matter) and try to incorporate them into the natural text and even better – the titles of your website.
  2. Use keywords tags in the html code of your pages to make sure its obvious to the bots what you should be identified for, whether its in the natural text of the site or not. This is a great way to fit expressions (including the order of words and phrases) that may not appear in the visible text, but is encoded intot the HTML code of the page itself.
  3. Register your site at to validate it as a business in that free official directory used by all of the search engines
  4. Maintain a blog. You should write about your expertise commenting several times a week on current activities and referencing your main site. The frequency of the page changes helps get noticed in the search engines.

That’s it. You’ll probably need help from your web designer. I’d be happy to help you make that happen.


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